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Meyers Farmstead Historic District

The Meyers Farmstead Historic District is now on the National Register of Historic Places.  The designation became effective on February 22, 2021.

Barn (2).png
Barn 2 (2).png

The historic district is located at 300 West Market Street in the southeast corner of Lisbon’s new Nature Park and includes not only the two large barns on the site, but also other original structures of historic importance, including a combination corn crib/hog house, concrete silo, concrete watering trough and water pump, and metal gateway marked by two concrete posts.

The original farmhouse of the Meyers family still stands at 230 West Market Street but was not included in the historic district because it is separated from the district by a road that leads to the Meyers Meadow housing complex.

We extend our appreciation to those who helped research the history of this farmstead, most notably the Steve McElmeel family and Miriam Johnson (a descendant of John Meyers).

Note to history buffs: The nomination document includes a history of the Meyers family and agricultural development in Lisbon/Linn County.

Meyers Farmstead Historic District nomination document

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